Economic & Social Data

Public data related to economy and society, demographics, industrial enterprises, and POI, etc.

Grid Map: Industrial Output Value of China, 2001-2010

High resolution grid map (1km*1km) for industrial output value of China, established based on the Chinese Industrial Enterprises Database (CIED).


Database for Chinese industrail enterprises, from 2001 to 2013

The database for Chinese industrial enterprises includes production, marketing and financial information, etc., on all SOE (i.e. stated-owned enterprise) and private enterprises with a year-round sales volume over twenty million yuan.


Lists of wastewater treatment installment in cities and towns, from 2007 to 2014

The list showcases various locations of wastewater treatments and their purification abilities both in cities and towns.


Real-time population density data from Tencent, from 2016 to now

The real-time tracking system is built upon number of devices logged in on Tencent’s applications. The set of data is visualized by formatting into grid


Point of interest from AutoNavi in 2017

AutoNavi is a leading Chinese web mapping, navigation, and location-services provider. This list of POI is extracted from its database