Real-time air quality data, from 2015 to now

This set of data contains information such as main pollutants and air quality index from most cities, provided by China National Environmental Monitoring Center (abbre. CNEMC)


World meteorology monitor station data, from 1950 to now

Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA) provides meteorological observations from radiosonde and pilot balloon at over 2,700 global stations. The earliest data could be dated back to 1950s.


State-controlled section water quality weekly report, from 2005 to now

The weekly reports of main waters section monitored by China cover multiple indexes including temperature, pH value, and DO (i.e. dissolved oxygen), etc.


Grid Grey Water Footprint

Grid Grey Water Footprint data of industry, agriculture and livelihood. This dataset contains:

  • Industrial heavy-metal grey water footprint
  • Industrial COD (i.e. Chemical oxygen demand) and ammonia grey water footprint
  • Agricultural (plantation and aquaculture) COD and ammonia grey water footprint
  • Livelihood (urban and countryside) COD and ammonia grey water footprint

Grid dataset of industrial aquatic heavy metal emissions in China (1998-2010)

The high-resolution grid dataset (at 1 km×1 km scale)of industrial aquatic heavy metal emissions (Hg, Cd, Cr(VI), Pb, and As) in China during 1998—2010 was constructed using a bottom-up approach.